GPS invalid data


I have bought a Quectel mc60 customized board. I have uploaded a basic bootloader image. In the Qnavigator when I try to get the GPS data for the first time it has come after that when I try AT+QGNSSRD? it is returning me cme error unknown. can anyone help me out of this.eagerly waiting for the solution.



I think that customized board may not following few instructions.while you upload the basic bootloader code it should return success in the Qflash.though it returns error the gsm functionality would work definetely.but gps doesn’t work.If it is uploaded good i.e it returned success then if it is returning cme error then pass this at command AT+QGNSSC=0 and AT+QGNSSC=1 then try QGNSSRD? it will definetely work.
If that also doesn’t work change the module.I have tried

its cheap and good module to work in compact level.